Monday, April 6, 2009

Still Agonizing over a Name...

You know what I realized just now? That no matter what name we choose, we're going to get beef about it. If we go with an Indian name (leaning toward Naveen), most Americans are going to think it's wierd/exotic/unpronounceable. If we go with a typical American name, we're going to get lip from other people in our lives, who pretty much think everything other people do is weird. I'm already tired of explaining to people what we're naming him and why. I had this problem the first time around with Kiran, and here we go again. I guess we should only be making ourselves happy, but a little positive support would be good.


Melusine said...

I don't see one name on your list that is unpronounceable to anyone with half a brain in their head.

Don't we all hate our names for a while when we're kids anyway? There's always someone who will make fun of it, no matter what it is. So I say go with something you find beautiful and meaningful.

Hell, since you're explaining to people anyway, why not wait until you meet the little guy in person to decide?

CafeMama said...

Thank you for the validation! It's mostly family that we get lip from--not our friends, but maybe that's because we choose our friends? And yeah, I think we will wait for the final decision until we actually meet him--maybe he'll tell us what it should be!