Sunday, May 24, 2009

Now That I Got *That* Out...

Okay, I'm done ranting. Promise. I'm hot tempered as it is, and these hormones are not helping.

In other news: One of my favorite people is coming home today! My husband's cousin (actually more like a sister) is returning after two months overseas. I've always been grateful to have her in my life, but I didn't realize how much I depended on those daily emails, phone calls, texts and general feeling that she was close by. She's like the sister I never had, and boy will it be great to have some tea and catch up! And what a relief that she'll be there for the birth of our second son just like she was for the first. Welcome home, duggy duggy!

Other than that, t.i.r.e.d. I can make it until about 3:00 before my dogs are barkin'. I was so glad that I was able to make it to a birthday party yesterday that started in the late morning...anything later than that and I would have had to stay home and nap. Although the birthday-hosts are good peeps and would have totally understood if I needed to stay home or lay down. And Kiran got to spend time with his favorite little people--his didi's. I'm so glad he has them and I want him to have the same kind of relationship with them as I've had with my cousins over the years--supportive, loving, and joyful.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Keep Your Pitocin to Yourself!

Allow me to vent a little about the medical community. Here are the stats: I'm 38 weeks pregnant, no complications. At my check up today, the nurse practitioner suggested that I start considering induction--because, you know, it would be easier to schedule labor around my 2 year old's routine. I call bullshit. Inductions are almost standard practice these days, not because the baby is in distress or because the mama is at risk or anything like that, but because the doctor needs to keep her appointment schedule running on time. This is also why most inductions are scheduled in the early evening--so that the doctor can deliver the babies in the off-hours, thus freeing up her daytime hours to attend to her overbooked office patient load. Going into natural labor just isn't time-efficient.

Secondly, inductions require pitocin, which leads to very painful contractions, and very often, higher C-section rates. It's a vicious cycle, and one that I want nothing to do with. I told my last doctor that I didn't want to induce, and I didn't. Thank goodness, I went into labor by 41 weeks. Anything past that and they'll practically force you to do it.

Here is my issue: I didn't go the midwife/home birth route because a) I like the idea of having an epidural available upon request, b) my insurance covers standard hospital births and I don't have cash to spare for a midwife, which is pricey. So for the moms like me, who want a hospital birth with the least amount of interventions, we're at the mercy of the medical community. If we go the home birth route, we're looking at a totally natural, drug-free birth, which while it's awesome, is not the route I'm looking to take. Why no middle road, people?

I resent today's appointment and the fear mongering that the professionals impose on us while we're hugely pregnant and in stirrups. Unless there is a clear medical reason for induction/C-section/pitocin, fuck off! Let me pre-labor and labor in peace and allow the female body to do what it is designed to do!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting my Craft On--and Fighting the Gender Machine

Alright, I've been in nesting overdrive lately. And I'm exhausted, which is not a good combination at all. So I decided that I could be productive and crafty all while sitting at my sewing machine. You can't beat that. So here are a few things that I've made over the last several days, mostly for the baby. (Some cool Dia de los Muertos oven mitts will be posted once I finish those.)

I've been feeling way too guilty for not making anything personal for Kiran before he was born, but hey--I had a lot going on. Plus, I'm sick of all the baseballs and trucks that the baby stores offer. I cruised the baby aisle at TJ Maxx yesterday and realized that one side of the aisle was completely pink, while the other side was totally blue. *big sigh* Really, people? So I guess since I can't afford the hip Rockridge boutiques with all their cool gender-neutral stuff, I'm making my own. Who says boy things can't be pretty? Craft on.

My first attempt at taggie blankets, said to be a hit with the newborns. We shall see.

Cheap diaper cloth sewn into burp cloth size and be-ribboned. Everything is better with ribbon, no?

A closer view

Love me some koi fish.

Rock on, little one. I guess we're naming him Naveen after all, or I've got some ripping out to do.