Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Shifting of the Light

After a long, torturous summer of glaring light and searing heat, this morning I awoke to soft gray skies and a cool ocean breeze. My first waking thought was 'Ahhhhhh.....'
Not many people suffer from Summer S.A.D., and it seems that most of the world is made up of Summer People. You know the ones--they thrive in the heat like lizards, fantasize about the summer all year long, and every vacation involves a beach. I wish I could join the club, but my idea of hell is being stuck in the unrelenting sun all year long. I still can't believe that I was born and raised in California. For me, the sun is like a radio right next to my ear, loudest during the summer months, and annoying as hell. I just.want.someone.to.turn.it.OFF.
So it is finally, blessedly, September, and although it is not yet technically Autumn, I sense a change in the atmosphere. The air has finally cooled, and the angle of the sun is a tad less aggressive. I can finally breathe, and concentrate, and lift my head to the sky and not fear being blinded. The summer doldrums are finally lifting, and my thoughts turn to apple cider, pumpkin patches, and winter crafts.

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N said...

Soul sisters we are. Straight up. And seriously what is up with the beaches and sun? You seen one beach you seen em all. There is just something romantic, mysterious, and passionate about the clouds and the rain. The world has more depth, and a layer of complexity to it when it's covered with those soft cooling clouds. We should have been born in old world England.