Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lazy Mama

That's what I should change my handle to, really. I see the moms out there, jogging their strollers at 9 in the morning all energized, on their way home from the playground. And I hear that lots of moms go to the park daily (WTF?!?), and attend preschool readiness classes with their kids, and make sure to enroll junior in all sorts of activies early so they're not stuck on the waiting list. Good for them. Seriously--I wish I could be more like that. I, on the other hand, rarely leave the house before 10. I realize that is practically lunchtime for most people with little kids, and that it probably accounts for us having a hard time scheduling play dates, but I'm just too dang lazy.

Perhaps I'm remiss in my mom duties--maybe I should be leaving the children's museum at noon instead of arriving at noon. And I should probably be putting the kids in bed at sunset like all the other kids in the neighborhood, but these guys are up until 9 and I just can't get my act together enough to push our schedule back any earlier. I'll admit--I love getting up 8 or 9 and taking our time at the table eating breakfast while I plan out our day. And having empty playgrounds/museums/beaches all to ourselves late in the day is also quite nice. I smile wryly every time--while all the tired, hungry masses are leaving the playground in droves, there we are in the heat of the late afternoon, just getting started. If this is what it means to be a slacker mom, sign me up. These kids don't know any different!


Melusine said...

Dude, your kids are happy, healthy, and bright. They're engaged, funny, and generally respectful (Ok, it's a little early for respectful with the little munchkin, but whatever). Every kid should have a slacker mom like you.

Here's a thing: when I was nannying, I would take the kids to the park every day, not for the kids, but because I was So.Freaking.Bored. Anything to keep my brain engaged. If you're keeping your brain engaged and your kids' brains engaged, who the heck cares what time you're getting to the museum?

CafeMama said...

So good to hear! I tell ya, it's hard not to second guess myself sometimes and wonder if I should have these kids enrolled in more stuff (or anything at all)! Thanks for the thumbs up!!!