Sunday, May 24, 2009

Now That I Got *That* Out...

Okay, I'm done ranting. Promise. I'm hot tempered as it is, and these hormones are not helping.

In other news: One of my favorite people is coming home today! My husband's cousin (actually more like a sister) is returning after two months overseas. I've always been grateful to have her in my life, but I didn't realize how much I depended on those daily emails, phone calls, texts and general feeling that she was close by. She's like the sister I never had, and boy will it be great to have some tea and catch up! And what a relief that she'll be there for the birth of our second son just like she was for the first. Welcome home, duggy duggy!

Other than that, t.i.r.e.d. I can make it until about 3:00 before my dogs are barkin'. I was so glad that I was able to make it to a birthday party yesterday that started in the late morning...anything later than that and I would have had to stay home and nap. Although the birthday-hosts are good peeps and would have totally understood if I needed to stay home or lay down. And Kiran got to spend time with his favorite little people--his didi's. I'm so glad he has them and I want him to have the same kind of relationship with them as I've had with my cousins over the years--supportive, loving, and joyful.

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N said...

Man was I happy to get home! Home is where the heart is. Traveling is all well and good but I have everything I need right here. You know it took being away like that to make me feel so grateful for everything that I have and not want for much more than what is in my little world on a daily basis. You are like the sister I never had. Growing up with all boys was fun, but I def take to the girlie girl stuff we do. Tea, knitting, and makeup! Thank you for being in my life!