Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bad Mama

So I've gone against the grain and decided not to have a big traditional birthday party for my 2 year old son. Well, make that any party. We will be instead taking him to a kid's discovery museum with one of his best little toddler friends, which I personally think he'll get more out of. Several things factored into my decision: that I'm hauling around an extra 30 pounds that make me feel achy, tired, and out of breath, that he's 2 and doesn't even know it is his birthday, that I have no energy to clean the house before and after a party, and that kids' birthday parties always somehow fascinated and repelled me. I guess this makes me the worst mother of the year. Or ever. Next year, when he's writing his own guest list, I'm sure I'll do the suburban mom thing and order personalized plates and napkins. But never a jumpy house--never, ever a jumpy house. Someone please stop me if I start considering one of those things. We don't have a big enough yard anyway. Perhaps I'm just new to all of this. When I was growing up, my family's idea of a birthday party was about 75 people at Victory Park (that's in Stockton, y'all) with some barbecued something-or-other, a pinata from El Dorado market, a bunch of kids with fruit punch stains on their faces, and a large amount of beer--Budweiser and a cheap Mexican label. I'm just not on board yet with the personalized decorations, the hand-packaged party favors, and all the stress involved.
*Sigh* I am the worst mother of the year. My poor son.

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N said...

Are you kidding!? I grew up with that suburban crap and it's all bullshit show for the others. As if Kiran is going to remember any of it. Atleast with the discovery museum he'll soak in some information. No hun you shouldn't feel like a bad mother at all for doing things for your kids, instead of putting on a show for others. Personalized napkins!? Who are these people? So glad someone like you is in my life who see's the value of what really is important. God getting riled up just thinking about all that showy crap that means nothing in the end.