Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crafting it Up

I'm creating this blog to track my progress as I stitch my way through the summer. My new etsy shop is finally open after months of stitching up stock. I've been stitching kits for years and every time I went to Joann or Michaels I'd come home bitching about the current state of the needlepoint aisle. I mean, I don't mind the occasional 'Oriental Vase,' but Wolves in the Snow? Egads!
So... I'm finally posting my own creations a la Subversive Cross-Stitch (, one of my all-time favorite designers. But it won't be all snarky stitching, I've got some Spanish tiles that I designed after a visit to New Mexico in March, and some Art Nouveau stuff, since I'm really into the Arts and Crafts movement. Here's to crafting it up!