Thursday, February 19, 2009

They're Everywhere!

I'm revisiting this topic, of which I wrote about in an old blog I used to keep, because it still bewilders me. Tip jars, that is. I suddenly noticed that *every single* cafe countertop in the Bay Area has one of the ubiquitous tip jars. And with plenty of stickers and witty signages, of course, to draw your attention.

It used to be less common and because of that I would actually tip the person if they were unusually kind. But now *everyone* has a tip jar, even the indifferent donut shop owner on the corner. And some of those jars have $5 bills in them!!! Why would I tip someone who has rendered as simple a service as ringing up the bill? Especially when *that's their job*?!?!? And why would I essentially spend $5 for a cup of coffee each morning?

Is it just me, or is everyone looking for a handout these days, and not even trying to earn it? I mean, I realize stuff is expensive these days and we're all struggling to get by, but I'd love to see what my library patrons would have said if I had plunked a tip jar on the check-out desk. That's right, I'd like a tip--just for doing my job.

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