Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crafting it Up

I'm creating this blog to track my progress as I stitch my way through the summer. My new etsy shop is finally open after months of stitching up stock. I've been stitching kits for years and every time I went to Joann or Michaels I'd come home bitching about the current state of the needlepoint aisle. I mean, I don't mind the occasional 'Oriental Vase,' but Wolves in the Snow? Egads!
So... I'm finally posting my own creations a la Subversive Cross-Stitch (, one of my all-time favorite designers. But it won't be all snarky stitching, I've got some Spanish tiles that I designed after a visit to New Mexico in March, and some Art Nouveau stuff, since I'm really into the Arts and Crafts movement. Here's to crafting it up!


Anonymous said...

We need more posts! :)

Nandini said...

Your needlework was great. More please!