Saturday, May 24, 2008

DIY or Die...

I find myself fraternizing (sororizing?) with some crafty ladies these days, and discovering with proud amazement how creative my friends really are. I find myself re-energized when I watch as one of them sews up a summer dress or posts pictures of her fabric stash. It amazes me that so many of these crafters (many of them, like myself, moms of toddlers) find the time and energy to craft it up like that. These ladies are my heroes!
I've also discovered a soul sister in Kathy Cano Murillo--check out her webite: A creative, crafty, whipsmart Latina? My kinda girl!
In the meantime, I dream of handmade cafe curtains and felted hobo bags.

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Anonymous said...

Woah. I did not know you were deep into arts and crafts!! That's pretty cool! Self-expression and it keeps your fingers limber!